CVC 22350 – Basic Speed Law

With several posted speed limits in California, it might be difficult for average drivers to know whether they violated a code or which code they have violated. It’s best to know all the existing traffic regulations in the state to avoid confusion and the penalties associated with violations.

Section 22350 of the California Vehicle Code requires motorists to drive at a reasonable speed, which will not compromise the safety of people or property. Drivers should consider the following factors when driving on a particular highway:

– Weather
– Visibility
– Traffic
– Surface and width of the highway


The penalties for violation of CVC 22350 vary from county to county and depend on the speed at which the offender was driving. The higher the speed is, the heavier the fine will be. Drivers should know about the existing traffic codes in their counties and the methods used by citing officers to identify the speed at which a car is travelling. Violating Section 22350 will result in a one-point addition to your DMV record.

Contesting A Basic Speed Law Ticket

You may either plead guilty and go to a traffic school or fight the ticket. You’ll need legal assistance if you decide to contest the ticket. Consult with a lawyer from Mr. Ticket to learn about your chances of beating the ticket issued by the officer. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the different traffic violation codes in California. We’ll provide recommendations after a thorough assessment of your case. We can also prepare legal documents and provide you with the right representation.

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