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July 2018 Archives

The California traffic violator school program

Being issued a speeding ticket is not the end of the world. The ticket, if one of many on your record, could affect the status of your driver's license. This is when you need to look into attending traffic school or a defensive driving class. Not only will attending these classes help your insurance rates, they will also help the status of your license.

Consequences of hit-and-runs in California

It’s a beautiful day in Los Angeles. People are out and about, traffic is crazy as usual, and overall there’s a lot happening. You might be late to a work meeting. The car in front of you stops abruptly, and you tap their back bumper. The person doesn’t pull over and you see no outside damages. With a wince, you continue on your hurried journey. Little did you know, you are a prime candidate for a hit-and-run charge, despite no bad intentions.

Why speeding is so dangerous in California

Speeding is one of the most common infractions on the roads of California, even with all of the congestion. This is a violation that results in thousands of traffic tickets being issued every month. Speeding is not a terribly serious crime but it can result in the most tragic of accidents. Let's take a look at why speeding is so dangerous in Encino.

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