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California Traffic Ticket Law Blog

Why speeding is so dangerous in California

Speeding is one of the most common infractions on the roads of California, even with all of the congestion. This is a violation that results in thousands of traffic tickets being issued every month. Speeding is not a terribly serious crime but it can result in the most tragic of accidents. Let's take a look at why speeding is so dangerous in Encino.

What many drivers don't realize is that speeding is not just considered driving more than what the speed limit sign says. It also includes driving too fast for the road conditions, exceeding special posted speed limits, racing and speed greater than what is reasonably expected at the time.

What should I expect at a DUI checkpoint?

Driving on the roads of California can be very dangerous for even the most experienced drivers. A common problem across the country, even as law enforcement officials crack down, is driving under the influence. If you ever come across a DUI checkpoint in Encino you need to know what to expect so you can handle yourself appropriately.

For starters, you should always comply with police commands when in a DUI checkpoint. Listen to their instructions and do not talk back to them. If they ask for your license, insurance and registration make sure you provide the officer with every single document.

How to apply for license reinstatement in California

Having your driver's license suspended in Encino takes away a lot of your freedom. It can also negatively impact your education and your career. You will need to find alternative ways to get to school or work until you can have your license reinstated. You can apply to have your license reinstated in the state of California and we will discuss that in today's post.

To reinstate your license after a negligent operator charge, you must do the following:

  • Pay the reissue fee to the DMV
  • Pay court fees
  • Provide proof of auto insurance
  • Complete a probationary period where you have zero tickets or accidents

Digital license plates have come to California

The talk across the country of late has been about digital license plates on all types of motor vehicles. Well, they have finally come to the state of California. So far, there are at least 100 digital license plates in use across the state. These new plates are considered to be "connected" and the message displayed on them can be changed by the driver of the vehicle or a fleet manager in Encino.

The plates will only be available through dealerships, not the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). They cost almost $700 apiece, so it's not surprising that they haven't become part of the mainstream yet in the state. If you do choose to buy one of these plates, you can register it online and have the plate information updated instantly. There is also a $7 monthly fee.

Can I drive home with a partially finished bottle of wine?

Many Californians like to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. If you and the rest of your party do not finish the entire bottle throughout the evening, someone will probably want to bring the remaining portion home.

You know that many states have open container laws that make it illegal for people to drive with open alcoholic beverages. Can you legally drive home with the wine from the restaurant?

Penalties and fines that come with California moving violations

We've all heard the age-old cliche that driving is a privilege and not a right. This is true, as every person who wishes to drive must meet a set of requirements. One thing that many drivers don't look into prior to getting their license is the penalties that come with moving violations in the state of California.

It is not easy to pinpoint the fines associated with moving violations in California because they vary by county. You should look at the ticket you are issued to find the fine. One thing you should note is that every county tacks on a surcharge, too. This means that you will pay the posted fine and then a surcharge of 20 percent on top of that.

What are some consequences of getting a traffic ticket?

Seeing those flashing red and blue lights in your mirror is an uneasy feeling. It's likely you are being pulled over by the police in Encino. Your mind begins to race as you try to figure out what it is you did to warrant a traffic stop. Maybe you were speeding. Maybe you illegally changed lanes. Maybe you were tailgating. Whatever the reason, you could very well be issued a traffic ticket. Here are some consequences of that ticket.

First and foremost you will be hit with fines. They can range couple $70 to a couple hundred dollars in California. It all depends on the seriousness of the violation and if you are a first, second or subsequent offender. The fines are typically written on the ticket. If they are not, they can be looked up online.

How to fight a traffic ticket in California

Getting pulled over in California is never a pleasant experience. You will most likely drive away from the traffic stop with some sort of ticket. It might not be what you were initially pulled over for, but it's still a ticket. Traffic tickets in California can be expensive. They can also put points on your driving record depending on the violation. Here's how to fight a traffic ticket in Encino.

The first thing you need to do when contesting a traffic ticket is appear in the county court where the ticket was issued. This is important. Do not go to the county court where you reside unless this is the county where the ticket was issued. This appearance is known as the preliminary hearing. During the hearing, you will enter a plea.

Are ticket quotas real or just an urban myth?

One of the oldest urban myths involves whether police work harder at or near the end of the month to issue traffic tickets so that they may meet monthly quotas. Part of the reason why the “myth” remains in force is because there are rarely verifiable actions to support the truth behind law enforcement.

But ever so often, there are stories about officers forced into complying with ticket quotas. For instance, a LAPD officer was awarded $1 million in 2016 after he was dismissed from the force for reportedly refusing to take part in a quota scheme. Also, a 2017 study on traffic tickets in New York City suggested that quotas were being enforced.

Possible defenses to distracted driving charges

Distracted driving is without a doubt very dangerous. Many drivers have trouble staying focused when behind the wheel. Other drivers don't have any trouble focusing on the road in front of them. If you are facing distracted driving charges in Encino, California, then you should look at the various possible defenses.

One of the most common defenses, which is quite easy to prove, is that you used a mobile phone while driving due to an emergency. Obviously, a call placed to 911 for fire department services or for the police could very well get you out of a distracted driving charge.

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