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There is no worse feeling than seeing a police car with its lights flashing behind your car. If the officer decides to give you a ticket, your day will go from bad to worse. Knowing what to do after you get that ticket can make all the difference in whether or not you are able to keep your driver’s license.

At the Law Offices of Amir Soleimanian & Associates, Inc.-Mr. Ticket, we provide aggressive representation to clients in Los Angeles and across California who have received traffic tickets. Our founding attorney, “Mr. Ticket”, Amir Soleimanian has served as a part time Judge of the Superior Court of California Traffic and Civil Division since 2015 and has over a decade of experience fighting tickets inside and outside the courtroom.

Infraction Traffic Violations

We represent motorists charged with traffic offenses that range from speeding to distracted driving.

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Misdemeanor Traffic Violations

We represent motorists charged with traffic offenses that range from speeding to distracted driving.

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Commercial Driver Tickets

Our lawyer has helped many commercial drivers protect their jobs by fighting a range of traffic tickets.

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At Mr. Ticket, Our Practice Is Focused On All Citations Including Traffic & DUI

With a success rate of over 92 percent, we know what we need to do to ensure that you are able to stay behind the wheel. We are here to provide you with the guidance, advice and representation that you need to minimize the consequences that you are facing. We review all options available to us to help you reduce the points, fines, jail time or other penalties that may result if you decide not to contest your ticket.

We have built our practice on helping people who have been pulled over for DUI, reckless driving, speeding and all other traffic violations in all types of vehicles.

Have a traffic ticket? Mr. Ticket has a 92% win rate.

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I (Mr. Ticket) Am Everywhere, Because They (Police) Are Everywhere

To learn more about how our firm can help you with your traffic ticket or DUI/DWI charge, please call our Los Angeles office at 866-780-1234 or send us an email. We offer free consultations. We represent clients throughout California who need to protect their driving privileges.

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What our Community is Saying…

Amazing Customer Service

I really don’t know much about handling traffic tickets. Unfortunately, I am pretty clueless about this stuff. But Mr. Dorr was extremely helpful and explained everything that had to be done in a matter that I could understand and helped put me at ease as to him taking care of everything. The outcome of my ticket was a success due to the firm.


I Can't Believe It

Not just one but two tickets dismissed thank you Mr Ticket I dont know how you do it but you do it!



Apparently the ticketing officer was unwilling to withstand Amir’s examination on the stand, so he bailed and the ticket was dismissed. Works for me!!! So 100% kudos to Mr. Ticket!! Definitely an A+ operation. Strongly recommend.