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Speeding Ticket Statistics

Speeding Ticket Statistics

There are about 196 million licensed drivers in the United States. Statistics show that over one hundred thousand people receive speeding tickets per day across the country. That is about 41 million speeding tickets each year, meaning one in every six drivers will receive a speeding ticket in one year. Only 5% of the people receiving speeding tickets will try to contest it. They, with the help of traffic ticket attorneys, usually manage to either dismiss the case, or reduce the charge to one that does not appear on their DMV record. It is good to know that there is a 10-20% chance that the citing officer fails to show up to court for the trial. The other 95% just pay the fine and never try to contest it. Considering that a speeding ticket costs around $150, government receives over 9 billion dollars each year just for speeding ticket fines. Each officer makes the city an average of $300,000 in traffic ticket fines per year, and only costs $75,000 in salary, bonuses and benefits. On the other hand, every speeding ticket adds points to the convicted driver's DMV record and those points will stay on it for 3 to 7years. Speeding ticket convictions raise insurance premiums as well, meaning about $2000 over 3-7 years and adding up to over $56.9 million extra insurance money for insurance companies each year. Just think of the number of other traffic tickets for DUI/DWI, red light offenses, reckless driving, hit and run and other misdemeanors and the money they make for the government!

It is interesting to know that men are more prone to receiving speeding tickets than women, and women tend to contest these traffic tickets more than men. Most speeding offenses are committed by the age group of 17 to 24. Among the professions, doctors receive the most speeding tickets.

Speeding tickets, combined with other traffic violations such as DUI/DWI, reckless driving, red light offenses, hit and run and other misdemeanors, cause a lot of fatal accidents. More than a million people die in traffic accidents each year, and another 25 million, including kids, are permanently disabled. Men are involved in 73% of fatal accidents compared to women who only cause 27% of them. According to researches, traffic tickets actually reduce the chance of involvement in fatal accidents by about 35%. Unfortunately the effect of traffic tickets last no longer than 3-4 months. For the few weeks after that pricey traffic ticket, people drive more cautiously to avoid getting more tickets, but the effect gradually wears off and they go back to their driving habits prior to the citation.

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