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Speeding Ticket May Cost you your CDL

Speeding Ticket May Cost you your CDL

As a truck driver your CDL is necessary for earning your livelihood. Losing it means losing your job and your income source. Traffic misdemeanors are not the only reason you can get a suspended CDL, even a child support dispute can put your commercial driver's license in jeopardy. Hundreds of thousands of traffic tickets are issued to CDL holders each year and many of them are serious violations that can result in suspension of the commercial driver's license.  For CDL holders, the points of each traffic violation is 1.5 times more than the points of the same violation for non-commercial drivers. CDL holders cannot attend traffic school to eliminate these points either. Therefore, one single ticket might do the job, and sometimes a combination of them adding points to your driving record will result in suspension of your CDL. Equipment violations carry points as well. 4 points in 1 year, 6 points in 2 years and 8 points in 3 years suspend a CDL.

Speeding over 15 miles per hour over the local speed limit is considered a serious violation for CDL holders and can even be a misdemeanor in some states. Even improper lane change or following too closely is a serious violation. A suspended CDL means a lost job. Most companies simply refuse to rehire one of their own drivers after they get their suspended CDL back, let alone other companies hiring them.

Among these violations, speeding tickets are responsible for most CDL suspensions. Commercial drivers receive 1.5 points for each speeding ticket. Speeding over 15 miles per hour is considered a misdemeanor. Pleading guilty is not the right response to a speeding ticket. You plead guilty and pay the fine to put all the hassle and trouble behind you, but before you know it you receive a letter informing you that your CDL is suspended. Reopening a closed case is not easy, even for traffic ticket lawyers. Never plead guilty to any traffic ticket and always consult with a traffic attorney

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