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Points for Crossing a Double Yellow Line

Points for Crossing a Double Yellow LineFor California drivers, those double yellow lines on the road are most likely an everyday sight. These lines are used to demarcate dangerous areas to pass, turn, or move through. Unfortunately, many drivers may occasionally find themselves accidentally or purposefully crossing over double yellow lines. For those that are caught by a law enforcement officer, this minor blunder could turn into a major problem. Without the help of the most trusted Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, Mr. Ticket, drivers may find themselves neck-deep in fines and a license suspension looming over their heads.

Much like a reckless driving or speeding ticket, a double yellow line infraction is classified as a moving ticket. This means that the DMV will place points onto a driver's license if they do not fight this charge. Although this ticket is generally not as severe as many others ticket, it can come back to haunt drivers for quite some time.

On top of the fines placed by the law enforcement officers and the DMV, insurance companies have the ability to check the driving records of their customers at all times. These companies are kept constantly updated on all traffic misdemeanors, infractions, and felonies. They then use this information to set their prices and coverage rates. In the long run, even a single point on a license could result in the loss of thousands of dollars over the course of a year of insurance.

This is why drivers must contact the leading traffic ticket lawyer in Los Angeles, Mr. Ticket, the moment that they have been charged. With an experienced lawyer on their side, drivers are giving themselves the best chance at removing fines and keeping points off of their license.

Mr. Ticket's services do not end with double yellow line tickets. He is proud to offer his clients experience and protection from a DUI, DWI, reckless endangerment, evading an officer, or red light ticket. Any driver that is under threat of increased insurance charges or points on their license deserves the services of the leading traffic lawyer in Southern California.

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