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How to Find Out How Much My Traffic Tickets Cost

How to Find Out How Much My Traffic Tickets Cost

There are two traffic ticket cost categories involved. There is the direct traffic ticket cost, which include set amounts established by law, for the fees and fines due. There is also the indirect traffic ticket cost – also in two categories: one-time cost and on-going costs – which include increased insurance premiums, time lost from work for court appearances and the cost of acquisition of evidence during discovery or other clerical expenses.

The on-going indirect traffic ticket cost can easily exceed the direct traffic ticket cost by a factor of 4 or more, when considered over time. This is especially noticeable by raised insurance premiums or outright cancellation of an insurance policy. Safe driving discounts will be lost and not recoverable for at least several years. Additionally, the premium rates may be raised, depending on the nature of the violation. Points added to your license are another intangible cost in that they are cumulative over time and may result in the possible loss of driving privileges.

Don’t let a traffic ticket citation cost you a lot over the time. Amir Soleimanian, California traffic ticket attorney can help you fight your traffic tickets.

With all these potential costs, the only viable alternative is to beat traffic ticket charges in court. The most effective way to fight traffic tickets with the maximum potential for success is to retain a traffic ticket attorney.

A good traffic ticket lawyer is well aware of the law, including precedents and rulings from the bench which can either alleviate the traffic ticket cost or cause the judge to dismiss traffic ticket fines or penalties outright.

The first step in fighting traffic ticket citations is consulting a lawyer who defends traffic violations. They know the strategies and procedures most likely to succeed and beat traffic ticket offenses in front of a judge. Not only is it possible to dismiss the direct fees and fines, it is also possible to avoid the long-term financial burden significantly higher than the simple one-time charges surrendered to the court. The best choice to fight traffic ticket cost starts with retaining a qualified attorney to represent you in court. Let them do the research and – in some cases – relieve you of even having to appear in court.

Call (866) 780-1234 for a free consultation with a traffic ticket lawyer in California about your case and how to beat traffic tickets.

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