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Fix It Tickets in CaliforniaOne of the most common violations that a driver is going to receive on or off the road is a fix it ticket. Unlike moving violations, these prevalent charges involve relatively non-dangerous issues with a vehicle or its registration. Here is a look at some of the most common fix it tickets, the penalties that come along with them, and how our traffic ticket lawyer may be able to help you with any type of charges or tickets that you have received.

Unlike dangerous moving violations, such as a speeding ticket, fix it tickets in California are simple citations for mechanical or registration violations on a vehicle. From the moment that the ticket is issued, drivers will have a certain amount of time to fix the problem and take proof of the correction to a local police station. Once this is done and the fine is paid, the ticket will be removed from the driver’s record.

If a driver fails to correct the problem or have it signed off by an officer, there will be points placed on the driver’s record and increased fines. The driver can also be ticketed multiple times for the same violation if not taken care of immediately. In the most extreme circumstances, a driver could receive a FTP notice from a judge. Failure to pay notices are bench warrants for drivers that have longstanding fines that have gone unpaid. Any time that the driver is pulled over or their name is run, they will immediately be taken into custody.

Unlike moving violations, fix it tickets are applied to the owners of the vehicles, not the drivers. For example, if a driver is pulled over for having their windows tinted too darkly but they do not own the vehicle, it is the owner of the vehicle that is obligated to pay the fine and see to the corrections.

If you have left your fix it tickets go without payment, call our law offices immediately. We will be able to work with you to reduce penalties and fines. We are also proud to assist drivers with any issues ranging from a DUI to a red light ticket.

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