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When you receive a traffic violation in the state of California, you are asked to sign the ticket. Many California motorists do not understand the purpose of signing the ticket, or they erroneously believe that signing the ticket is an admission of guilt. This is not the case. Signing the ticket is simply an affirmation that you promise to appear in court by the stated date and time. If you pay the ticket online or at the applicable office, you do not need to appear in court if the violation is minor. However, if you do not contact the court and pay the ticket, you are required to appear. If you do not show up by the date and time listed on the ticket, you will receive a fail to appear warrant. Only an experienced Los Angeles failure to appear warrant lawyer can help once the warrant is issued.

A failure to appear warrant is a serious matter. If you are pulled over again, or if the police have time to look for you, you will be arrested and taken to jail. California judges are notoriously harsh with motorists who fail to appear in court. In addition to court costs and fines, the fail to appear warrant will remain on your record permanently. Because failure to appear is a misdemeanor, you may be denied employment, a place to live, or even welfare as a result of your crime. As a result, it is important to get legal advice from a failure to appear warrant attorney in Los Angeles before your hearing.

Los Angeles Failure to Appear Warrant Attorney

If you have a failure to appear warrant, you need a failure to appear warrant lawyer in Los Angeles. Mr. Ticket, traffic ticket attorney can help. In some cases, Mr. Ticket can get the penalties lowered or even get the fail to appear charges dismissed.

Do not gamble with your future. The consequences of the misdemeanor charges are too steep to simply let slide. Call Mr. Ticket, Los Angeles failure to appear warrant attorney at 866-780-1234. He has helped hundreds of California motorists, just like you, with their failure to appear warrants.

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