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Difference between Infractions and Misdemeanors

Difference between Infractions and MisdemeanorsCalifornia driving code maintains a range of offenses to more accurately charge and punish those that have broken laws while on the road. Many of these codes appear to be straightforward, but in the end they come down to minor details. Two of the most confused phrases for charging a driver are traffic misdemeanors and traffic infractions. Understanding the difference between these two offenses will allow drivers to better utilize the help of a Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyer and steer clear from fines, fees, and even jail time.

The most common charge handed out in California is the traffic infraction. Most law enforcement agencies, as well as the DMV, will not release exact information on the amount of infractions and misdemeanors handed out every year, but the number is upwards of 7 million tickets on a national level. The most common infractions include everything from a simple speeding ticket to a red light ticket via a camera. Infractions do have the lowest initial costs, but they also have the possibility to add points to a license or increase insurance premiums. Drivers that receive a speeding infraction will not be tried by a jury or receive time in prison, but they may be fined up to $1000. These drivers also have the option to be represented by a traffic ticket attorney in Los Angeles to more efficiently defend themselves from the charges.

The more serious offense of the two is the misdemeanor. Misdemeanors are the bridge between infractions and felony charges while driving. These misdemeanors commonly involve a DUI offense, driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, and drag racing. For all misdemeanors besides DUIs and DWIs, the driver will generally not be taken into custody on the spot. Instead, drivers must sign their ticket, promising that they will show up in court. At this point, those charged may either plead their case in court, or declare guilt and pay the fees.

These two types of offenses can result in increased insurance premiums, a suspended license, or up to a year in prison. For drivers that wish to offer themselves the best chance at escaping these burdensome situations, a legal traffic attorney is necessary to lower or completely remove these charges and move forward. Mr. Ticket can help drivers with their infraction traffic ticket, including speeding ticket and red lights tickets, DUI and DWI offenses and a multitude of other traffic infractions and misdemeanors.

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