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Red Light Tickets in California

California Red Light TicketCalifornia red light tickets have one of the highest traffic fine rates in the country. Running a red light is among the leading causes of road accidents in California, resulting in about 20% of fatal incidents and a substantial amount of property damage every year.

Getting a red light ticket in California involves costly consequences. Apart from being charged with heavy fines, the citation can leave points on your DMV record for three years, and your insurance rates are likely to increase significantly.

Beating red light violations is hard and tricky, especially if it is a red light camera ticket. Even if there are no officers around the intersection, these devices will take photographs and record videos of light runners, which is to be viewed by an officer at a later time to determine if there is really a violation. The camera provides the officer with all important pieces of information about the incident, such as the license plate, vehicle’s speed and the amount of time elapsed after the light turned red, and the time and date of the offense. The offenders usually get their citation in the mail within 14 days, along with pictures of the license plate and their face behind the wheel while running the red light. This is why beating a red light camera ticket looks almost impossible.

Red light cameras are only triggered if the vehicle is beyond a certain point in the intersection by the time the light goes red. For instance, if you are about to turn left at an intersection when it is safe and the traffic light turns red, the device would not be triggered and no red light ticket would be cited against you.

Despite the advancement of technology, these cameras are not always reliable. They are prone to errors such as computer glitches, clerical errors, programming problems, and a lot of other issues that may happen, which may result in wrongfully taken pictures.

Running a red light is a traffic infraction that puts a point on your California DMV record. With this violation, you may have to attend traffic school once every 18 months to erase the points from your file and prevent your insurance rates from going up. Otherwise, not only will your insurance rates rise, but the point on your DMV record could also increase the possibility of losing your driver’s license. A single point may not be enough, but keeping it on your file could be the reason you are no longer fit to sit behind the wheel for good.

Consulting an experienced traffic attorney is the key to beating a red light camera ticket. At Mr. Ticket, we provide professional legal representation to help you fight the violation charged against you. Our practice aims to resolve your situation in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible. We use our extensive experience and expertise in California traffic law to help you get out of your traffic infraction.

Contact us today to request a free consultation, and we will happily be of service.

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