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Understanding prima facie speed limits

Upon being pulled over for speeding by a law enforcement officer in Encino, the first question that you are likely to be asked is “Do you know what the speed limit is on this road?” Many of those that we here at Mr. Ticket – Law Offices of Amir Soleimanian and Associates, Inc. have represented in the past may have reasonably claimed to answer “No” that question. That is because in many areas, speed limits may not be posted. In such cases, the state relies on prima facie (generally accepted) guidelines in order to regulate traffic. Understanding what these prima facie speed limits are may help you in contesting a citation.

How can I avoid speeding tickets?

As a driver in Encino, you are most likely aware of the damage a speeding ticket can incur. While speeding is typically considered a traffic violation, driving at excessive rates of speed is a misdemeanor in California and can result in many serious consequences. In addition to always obeying posted signage relating to road speeds, you can also avoid a costly speeding ticket by keeping the following tips in mind.  

Does adding points to licenses when drivers speed actually work?

Here in California and across the U.S., the most common way we try to get drivers to obey traffic laws is to punish them with points on their driver's licenses. It's simple enough: Accumulate enough points and your license could be suspended, or even revoked. The idea is to give drivers a way to see how traffic and speeding offenses affect their driving privileges. Racking up points can make your insurance rates jump. Suspensions and revocations get repeat offenders off the road.

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