Do Speeding Tickets Show On Your Background Check?

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There are no set standards for background checks, and this means that nearly anything in an individual’s past could be brought to light when it comes to upcoming school applications, job searches, or even loans. This includes many of the traffic tickets that are issued to countless drivers every single day. If you have recently been ticketed, our speeding ticket lawyer is here to protect you from the overwhelming penalties including the chance of these charges being placed on your driving record.

Background checks can cover any number of situations that have taken place in the past. For most driving violations, a criminal background check will not indicate past tickets. Only the most severe of charges such as a felony conviction will appear on one’s criminal record. For those that are seeking out employment in the transportation industry, the company will often check the individual’s driving record, and these checks will indicate any tickets that have not been recently been issued.

Drivers should never feel as if there is no hope for their ticket. Mr. Ticket, traffic ticket attorney, understands exactly what it takes to beat these charges and will invest time into your case so that you can move past your charges without the hassle. Along with all speeding tickets, we are proud to represent drivers that have received any number of tickets including DUIs, illegal lane changes, red light tickets, and more. Give us a call today to see just how easy our experienced attorney can make these overwhelming ordeals.