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Driving primer: Speed limits in California

Drivers around the world, whether in California or on the Autobahn, have to follow the laws and rules of the road. These laws and rules are in place to keep people as safe as possible. When you don't follow them, you can receive a ticket (or worse, of course, when accidents occur). This means that you will have to come out of pocket to pay a fine. You might have to appear in court. If you get enough tickets, it can impact your ability to legally drive.

3 things to consider when you get a speeding ticket

You were late to work, and you may have gone a little faster than you should have on the roads. You weren't speeding an excessive amount, just 6 mph over the limit. Despite this, when you were pulled over, the officer decided that you deserved a ticket for the act.

DUI charges are for more than drunk drivers

When you injured your back a few days ago, your doctor prescribed muscle relaxers. You are supposed to take two per day for the next ten days. Right on schedule, you took your second dose a couple of hours ago, but now you forgot to eat. In-N-Out Burger is just up the road, it will be a quick trip to go grab a burger and come home. Besides, you do not feel drowsy or incapacitated in any way. You were on your way home with your burger when a police officer pulled you over.

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