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When you receive a ticket for a traffic violation, you have two choices: pay the ticket, or appear in court by the date and time stated on the ticket to contest it. Many motorists forget about the ticket altogether, or forget the court date or time. However, if you do not pay the ticket and you fail to show up by the court date, a California judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. This warrant is known as a failure to appear warrant and it carries a criminal charge. You need Mr. Ticket, bench warrant lawyer in Los Angeles to help you.

Failure to appear warrants are a serious problem. They are counted as a misdemeanor offense on your record, which means that they will appear on background checks. An employer may choose to deny you employment, you may be denied housing, and you even may be denied welfare benefits as a result of a failure to appear warrant on your record. These warrants also come with points, which may contribute to a suspended license and higher fees. These points remain on your record for 10 years if the failure to appear resulted from a DUI charge, or for 5 years if they resulted from any other charge.

Commercial drivers are especially affected by failure to appear warrants. A commercial driver may lose their job as a result of the failure to appear warrant, or they may be ineligible for hire with other employers. Commercial drivers who not only incur a traffic violation, but who also fail to appear for the court date are seen as unprofessional and careless by potential employers. Commercial drivers can benefit from legal advice from a Los Angeles bench warrant attorney.

Los Angeles Bench Warrant Attorney

It is important to seek legal help from a Los Angeles bench warrant lawyer if you have a failure to appear warrant. Mr. Ticket, traffic ticket lawyer, can help. Mr. Ticket is an experienced bench warrant attorney in Los Angeles, and he has helped countless people just like you with their failure to appear warrants. In some cases, he has been successful with getting the penalties and fines associated with a failure to appear warrant reduced or even get the warrant dismissed.

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