Cellphone Tickets

If you are caught using a hand-held wireless phone while you are driving, you can receive a cell phone ticket. This type of charge goes on your driving record and is reported to your insurance carrier. Rather than just pay your fine for a cell phone ticket, you might wish to consult with an expert in cell phone tickets in Los Angeles beforehand to see if you can have the charges dismissed.

A Los Angeles cell phone tickets attorney can help to build a defense in your case. While it is against the law to talk on a cell phone or text on a cell phone while you are driving, it is not against the law to dial the phone or talk on a hands-free device or use your speakerphone option. Additionally, if you have a smart phone, you are allowed to use your GPS or some other features that may be included on your cell phone.


Currently, you only face the payment of a fine if you are caught talking on your wireless phone while you are driving. Typically, the fine is about $150 for thae first offense and about $250 for each subsequent offense. So far, you will not receive any additional penalties for this type of safety violation. However, the legislature is trying to pass a law that will add a point to your driver's license if you have a second or additional cell phone violation. This makes it especially important to discuss the matter with an expert in cell phone tickets in Los Angeles, whether you are facing your first or your fifth cell phone violation.

Mr. Ticket is a Los Angeles cell phone tickets attorney that can help you with your case. While you may only be facing a fine at this point, these offenses will still go on your record and can add up. This may affect your insurance premiums or even your ability to obtain insurance. Get the defense that you need by choosing Mr. Ticket when you could use the help of a traffic ticket attorney in Los Angeles.