Revoked Drivers License

There are many reasons why you might lose your driving privileges. Most of these involve certain traffic violations, such as DUI/DWI, hit and run, or reckless driving. you could also lose your driving privileges for other reasons, such as for a failure to appear to a court hearing or for not paying court-ordered child support payments. Whatever the reason, you may wish to consult with a Los Angeles revoked drivers license attorney to find out how you can have your driver's license restored.

It is important to note that a revoked driver's license is not the same thing as a suspended driver's license. An expert in revoked drivers license in Los Angeles can explain the specific details pertaining to your specific situation. However, in general, when your driving privileges are suspended, your driver's license is sort of put on hold for a certain time period or until you fulfill certain requirements. You can then have your license reinstated and your driving privileges restored.


When it comes to a revocation of your driving privileges, this means that your driver's license is gone or cancelled. A revoked driver's license may be temporary or permanent. If just temporary, once a certain time period has passed or you have completed other necessary requirements, you must start at the beginning to get a new driver's license. You will have to take any written exams and driving abilities tests and pass the requirements to get your driver's license all over again. To simplify the process, you may wish to find a Los Angeles revoked drivers license attorney to explain your situation and help you through the process.

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