It may seem like a traffic violation is no big deal. You get pulled over and issued a warning or a citation. You pay the fines and get it over with, leaving the matter behind you. Many times, however, it is not always so cut and dry. Some traffic offenses can result in misdemeanor or felony charges filed against you. If you are pulled over, you could be arrested on the spot and taken into custody. You may have to spend time in jail until you appear before a judge. It might be in your best interests to use your phone call to contact a qualified Los Angeles custody attorney to help you through the process.

An expert in custody in Los Angeles may be able to help you to get out of jail with a lower bail or without the need for a paid bail at all. Once you get out of jail, you will have to be sure that you know when any court dates are set or if you have additional requirements before a set court date. You will want to make arrangements to get your vehicle out of impound if the law enforcement officer did not release your vehicle to another driver in the vehicle at the time of your arrest.


Depending on the offense, you may wish to contact your insurance provider and the DMV, but you may wish to consult with an experienced Los Angeles custody attorney to know the best way to go about handling those matters. Begin arrested and taken into custody can be humiliating, frustrating, and may even be a bit confusing, so talking with a legal professional may be a good option for you to help to reduce the effects of any negative consequences involved.

Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, Mr. Ticket, has extensive experience and success in helping clients through a wide range of traffic-related charges. You do not have to go through the legal battle alone. Our lawyer is here to help when you need an expert in custody in Los Angeles to stand by you.