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Real Cost of Traffic Tickets in California

Real Cost of Traffic Tickets in California

California legislation is constantly updated to reflect new laws and pricing structures for California traffic tickets. This means more out of pocket costs for drivers who are convicted of motor vehicle violations. Roadway signals and signs are posted to alert and educate drivers about conditions of the road, stopping points, and safe turning conditions. When you do not obey these signs and signals, it is a violation of California code 21461(a) for failure to obey.

Every infraction includes a base price that is set by current legislation and imposed by every county. If you receive an infraction for a violation, you will be surprised at the real cost of traffic tickets in California. The base price for not obeying signs and signals is $35. If this happens in a construction zone or highway maintenance area, the cost balloons to $70. The cost is further increased by mandatory state penalties, county penalties, a state court construction penalty, DNA identification fund penalty, and emergency medical service penalties for a total cost of $214.

If you are convicted of this violation, the judge may require you to attend traffic school. This will increase the total cost of the traffic ticket by $49. Existing points on your license that have been accumulated within that last 36 months will increase the cost by $10 for each conviction. A court security fee of $30 will be imposed when you are convicted. Not fighting a traffic ticket charge is an expensive reminder why you need an experienced traffic ticket attorney in California to review your charge and defend you in court.

The judge will rely on evidence submitted to support the charge submitted by the police officer that wrote your ticket. The sole purpose is to prove your guilt in court. Without a traffic ticket lawyer who knows the law, you will be forced to pay the cost of your ticket and additional court costs and fines upon conviction. Mr. Ticket can investigate the facts of your ticket and defend you against traffic charges like illegal turns, speeding, failure to stop, red light tickets, hit and run, DUI and other motor vehicle violations.

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